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Revolutionizing Healthcare
with cutting-edge tech

With HoloDoctor we are transforming the landscape of medical training and patient care through innovative technologies. Let’s make a difference, one immersive experience at a time.

Dr. Matteo Beretta (Varese, Italy)
Dr. Henriette Lerner (Baden-Baden, Germany)
We're on a mission to save more lives by guaranteeing every doctor receives the proper training and is equipped to handle critical medical situations in the shortest time possible, thanks to new technologies.
HoloDoctor instills confidence in doctors, saving lives and strengthening trust in healthcare. Our solution creates immersive training experiences that enhance: Education, Communication & Treatment planning.

"I think that it will be a very useful system to enhance our kind of communication and interaction with our patient."

  • -30% of Time in discussing Treatment Plan for a Patient
  • +40% of Effectiveness in Immersive Training for Doctors
  • +50% of Effectiveness in Patient Communication and Awareness during Treatment
"The Mixed Reality technology changes completely the way we look to the digital world. It enables us to immerse different scenarios, and bring people together at a 3D level."

We lecture during 12th International Techno Urology Meeting (Turin, Italy).
  • As Immersive Technologies gets cheaper and easier to use, adoption in Healthcare rises. Investing on them can boost human multidimensional world perception and team collaboration.
  • We continue to expand our network and collaboration in Europe, Middle East, Nord America and Asia.
  • We're seeking partners who share our vision of accessible and effective medical training. Together we can democratize access for all doctors to improve and save lives everywhere.